Doctors do care for their patients as humanly possible.

Welcome to nickc life story… part 15. of the series

…………..continued from part 14:

Doctors do care for their patients as humanly possible.1

Yes, I believe that many doctors do care for their patients as humanly possible. In some ways, I happen to have different views and opinions on these matters, and feel very confidence to be 100% in God hands, at every second of my life and/or for as long as I am able and capable of doing so, while I am in optimum health and have all my senses.

If for whatever reason, cannot do that, I have detailed instructions on my will and power of attorney, for my kids to be aware.  In the event I arrive at a point in my life where I cannot be able to know what it is going on… and make certain my intention are carried through, and let me move on as naturally as possible, because I know I am in God Hands…

imagesHo yes, I am aware it will be hard, but they should have courage knowing I am happy to go where I strongly believe it will better for me, going naturally and peacefully is a lot better for me because I know where I will be going.

Everyone have their own choice to make decisions.

Life is all about choices, everyone have a choice to make decisions according to their own inner Guidance and feelings.

In the course of my life so far, have recognized that certain doctors and most of the medical and pharmaceutical establishment today, is willingly accepted as good, by the majority of people, I trust they have their own good reasons and that is fine.

In my own way, as I have felt for a long time already and as I strongly feel right now, even though I am aware life can always send us new challenges as age come upon us, I still prefer to always seek God Power and Guidance.3

I know we are creatures of habits and I also know what I Do – Say and Think at this moment is not accepted by every one… but it is true for me and it fit very well in my present lifestyle.

Changing habits is part of life so I rather make changes according to what I believe to be true and beneficial for me, and not to listen to others who may not have my best intention in mind when it comes to my health and well being.

I must say the one best habit I have changed a lot from previous years, is to seek God Guidance FIRST and foremost in everything that I do, say and think.

With this in mind, I like to end by saying -thank you- to all the men and women who dedicated their life to become doctors for improving well-being and applying the important factor of being human FIRST and go-on doing what they love to do in their lives. Assist others who are in need and help in any human way possible, to restore total health in everyone they are in touch with 2physically and otherwise..

There is never enough time to thank God

I am forever thankful for the ongoing God Guidance I receive day after day, and for everything coming my way, and especially for the privilege that I had to chose an alternative healthy lifestyle back in 1997.

I confidently chosen to trust God all the way, accept all what come my way, and continue doing it today, because I know that no matter what is the outcome, I will be content and happy knowing it is God sent.

If death presents itself, I will welcome it as God’s gift and give thanks for the privilege to

have lived for as long as I have lived, on this journey called life.

God thank You again, for allowing me to live in great health, peace and harmony and for guiding me to the true path, leading to the most wonderful and treasured pathway, while remembering You every moment spent here on earth.

Today, I made part of my life mission to pay much close attention to all what is going on in life and I believe it all started back in 1997, when the health challenge appeared and that was the time that God give me no other choices 4but to pay attention.

As of the present moment, I know that my task and life mission has become to find out anything and everything humanly possible, on how to get healthy, stay health and balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

No matter if it come my way by modern and advanced technological media, or any other means, I know that is a way that God uses to open the doors of opportunity for me and close the doors that must be closed.

So far, I have talked to hundreds or even thousands of people on this subject, in person and because the internet, the circle enlarged much faster and wider around the world.

What I found was interesting,  many of them have similar sincere intentions and interests, and as time go by, many more young and old alike, spring up along the way.

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6 Responses to Doctors do care for their patients as humanly possible.

  1. Lydia Brown says:

    Great advice Nick. It took me a while to find a great doctor when I moved from NY to VA. I went through some real non-caring should get another career doctors. A long the way I realized that I had to not put all my faith in a doctor and to educate my self about my medical challenges so that I could be an active participant in developing my treatment plan. You made a good point about appraising family of what you have set up.

    • Lydia,
      glad you got out something of the blog post… I understand how difficult is to find a great and trustworthy doctor and I am very happy you did. BUT I am more happy knowing that you realized that placing your faith on doctors only was not a great thing… YES, education is key to everything ESPECIALLY when it comes for our own health.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hey Nick,

    Are you going to put this series together and make an ebook? It would be an interesting one!

    I have my “living will” done and feel the same way as you do. When God calls me, I want to go back home.

    Yes, I’ve met many good doctors in my time. I also met some who just wanted to play the insurance game. I always like to know exactly what they want to do. Hey, it’s my body not theirs!

    Unfortunately, at a certain age, some doctors like to push all the pills. I rather eat well than suffer the side effects.

    I had one doctor tell me “If you don’t take cholesterol pills, you will die, or even worse have a stroke in 10 years!” Needless to say, he is not my doctor any more.

    Just the thought of that negative energy took me weeks to get it out of my mind.

    But, they have their place when needed. I am not a good patient. I ask too many questions, so it takes a special doctor to deal with me.

    Thanks Nick,

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Go-GivingMy Profile

    • Donnaaaa!!!
      glad to see your comment here.. I knew you love the story haha :-)

      Yes, I am planning to put the story in an ebook and much more… actually I already start by adding a chapter in abook that will come out later this year :-)

      You resounded my thoughts almost 100%.. I am happy for you because I know it is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

      At our age is not a surprise (for who are lucky to pay attention anyway) we all have many, many similar stories.. they may not be all as dramatic but never the less, they are our personal stories and in such they are very important for our selves and for others.

      VERY HAPPY to read your triumph over the brainwashing that certain so called “doctor” who told you “If you don’t take cholesterol pills, you will die, or even worse have a stroke in 10 years!” They often do that with many patients.. as soon as you share with them that you trust them, they start working on you subconsciously till you become their slaves for life and SUFFER along the way.

      My suggestion… become educated to keep up with your own health and if you find a need to see a doctor.. ASK and KEEP ASKING… you have the right to deal with everything that your body is concerned.

      Enjoy life Donna… you just sparked a great idea and will share it with you soon.

      All the best in every way.

  3. Hi Nick, I do know that putting together my “living will” is something that I need to think about, but yet this is something I keep putting off. HUM?

    My doctor prescribed Boniva for my osteoporosis a few years back and after a few months I told her that I didn’t like the side effects and that I was going to start talking vitamins instead.. She Freaked and told me that my condition was going to get worse and wanted me to schedule another appointment to discuss other potions..I told her I was going to try this for a year or two and then we can talk.

    Well Last Dec she did another bone scan test and No My bone density did not improve but it didn’t get worse either.. I feel I have made the right choice by not taking this drug she prescribed for me..

    We all need to pay attention to our bodies and make the choices that are right for us as you have stated here Nick..

    I am happy you have take the time to write and share your story I am sure this will be very beneficial for those who are in your situation..

    Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Should You Promote What You Do?My Profile

    • Chery,
      making the “right” choice is key to everything… understand “how” to make that choice is another story.

      Great to know you are looking after your self.

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