Guilty as anyone can be…

On a snowy Monday, here is me writing an article to bring some summer feelings… this is more as a note to my self than an article suited for aHijacking to CR blog post, (well, my friends, some of you know me as one who write about anything that I believe may benefit others),

In case you are mew here, welcome to our family of dedicated people who love to be genuine, and make a difference in life by sharing what we believe it’s helpful and some how beneficial to others.

I just received a Monday uplifting message from a friend who adopted me to be on his team because my upline team is not reliable nor I have been proud off… THANKS once again J.H.

The message he sent me, hit home, so I felt sharing the essence part, and same subject… and that is:

“Are you Guilty as anyone can be for not stopping by a child lemonade stand when you pass by one?

Did you ever look directly in the child eyes, did you ever thought of anything more that being a lemonade stand?

There is many more instances I can mention.. and I tell you.. I am guilty of them all.. I never stop at a lemonade stand and never even accepted an invitation from the child either.. I am really, really guilty of that.. and if I did not know, I sure learned this morning when I read my friend upline message.

Ho yes, I love to know all of you had a wonderful weekend (if was a weekend as it was here for me) filled with happy events and relaxation and group mediation as in my case.

Joyful, healthy and relaxed weekends as the one just passed, it’s tough to think of those worse days that our attitude was not the best, I know I been there and hope you can relate so you still follow what I have to say after this.

Yes, I am talking about those days when we tend to forget the great times and only remember the bad on.

downloadNow, think about a child’s lemonade stand, in winter!

We have all seen them dozens of times (in summer :-) and just drove right passed. Today I challenge you to never do that again. I know you’ll always going to Stop from now on!!! Because that is exactly what life and business is – it is a lemonade stand.

As the child of the lemonade stand, we take time to prepare, we are so excited of what will happen and how many people will love the carefully prepared lemonade. We have the anxiety and excitement of the fun to come. We will have some people that stop and some people that will not stop and some that just avoid the stand all together (I am guilty in all of them, I know now :-) .

We may not have been in the same situation of a child preparing the lemonade stand, or we not have been in the position of avoiding the stand all together (as I did many times) but at the end of the day, when we think of it, today, right now we are exactly as the child who prepared the lemonade stand.

We write an article, we create a product, we offer a service, what ever, we all do something in life and business and all what we do, say or thing, our attitude of success that decides if it was a hit or a home run. positive

I will always remember this simple lessons of a lemonade stand complete with Preparation, Fun, True Honest Work Ethic, Super Service and most of all POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

I mentioned before, I for one will never pass by or drive right past a lemonade stand ever again, are you?

Here is something that was written about this topic in a better way that I could write.. hope it will be beneficial to you…

by Myra Cohn Livingston

Myra Cohn Livingston was born on August 17, 1926 in Omaha,
Nebraska and wrote poetry for children’s.

Every summer under the shade we fix up a stand to sell lemonade.

A stack of cups, a pitcher of ice, a board sign to tell the price.

A dime for the big, A nickel for small. The nickel cup’s short.
The dime cup’s tall.

Plenty of sugar to make it sweet, and sometimes cookies for us to eat.

But when the sun moves into the shade it gets too hot to sell lemonade.

Nobody stops so we put things away and drink what’s left and start to play.

download (1)SOOOOOO, now you know why I will be looking to a lemonade stand totally different than ever before. Hope you do the same and much better …


* “The grass is greener where you water it” via Danielle Luedtke

* When your heart speaks, take good notes.
Judith Cambell

* Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.
James M. Barrie

* They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol

* The shell must break before the bird can fly.

* History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
Winston Churchill

* Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

* You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.
Albert Einstein

Let’s end our 2013 strong and plant the seeds for a great 2014_nickc

Take control of your ATTITUDE and make life and business a success!

The information above is shared from the heart… and if yours was touched, please share it with others and leave a comment for everyone to benefit… THANKS!!!

_I am nickc
SOC Marketing Director, Blogger, Entrepreneur and looking
forward for our paths to meet again. Until then ~ Live Healthy,
Love as Your Know is Best, and Make Your Life Matter!


About nick catricala

Passionate to help, support, add value and wings to our unique and exciting life journey! _nickc is author of "The Commitment of a Lifetime" as well as an avid self improvement practitioner, spiritual truth seeker and entrepreneur. _nickc lives in Ontario, Canada, and love to publish positive, uplifting content at his InnerVeritas sites and can be contacted 24/7 at: (206) 203-2170 (Tel./Fax) or by eMail:
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26 Responses to Guilty as anyone can be…

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring message Nick! I hope you don’t mind me adding my two cents (wouldn’t be the first time, huh?) but I would also like to encourage people to make eye contact with those less fortunate. If you’ve ever seen people diverting their eyes as they walk by a homeless person, or anyone who is obviously going through difficult times, you know what I mean. It is amazing what a genuine smile can do to warm the heart, and uplift not only the other person’s attitude but your own. Thanks for the great read Nick!
    marquita herald recently posted..Your Attitude May be Aging YouMy Profile

    • Marquita,
      first thanks so much for reading the article and posting such a great, loving and positive comment… SECOND< I love to say thanks fro your two cents (always appreciated since I know they come form your heart:-)

      Yes, I am aware of the difference a smile or just an encouragement of any kind can do to a homeless or a person who may be going through a situation that is not favourable in his or her life.

      I know that first hand… I have been there at times… not a homeless (even through I was close to it once) but down in the pits for a reason or another… I sure know what a smile or a supporting word can do my friend…

      I did not add any of this in the article or I would have written a book (again) … Another part that I have experienced is back in the 70′s when I was still working and in my prime of health and prosperity… I fed many homeless (Quietly) on the street by handling food for them… I participate often to food or clothing drives together with others from my meditation association, and we still doing it today as we speak, not only in our community but around teh world since we are present in more than 100 Countries…

      Ho yes, I am sure aware of what is going on and always look for ways to help and support according to my capabilities and yes, I love to do it mostly quietly BECAUSE I know I am watched from Above 24/7 and am loving it.

      I KNOW you a lot as well… and you done probably more than me.. I applaud for being you.. even if I never mentioned much, I read a lot of what you have been doing.. and hope one day we can meet in Hawaii and share with you more of what we done in Hawaii as well.

      THANKS so much again Marquita… thanks for allowing me to share more of what is noble.

  2. Hi Nick!

    Guilty as charged! I do ignore those lemonade stands sometimes. At other times I will stop and purchase some because of the hard work they went through to do so. Of course, you know me, I won’t drink it because … well first I’m a germ-o-phobe, but it has sugar in it. I politely walk away then throw it out.

    But the essence here is that we need to keep our eyes open and acknowledge those in our path that are working hard to sell something. We need our awareness of everyone who is working at trying to build their own little business.

    I do have that kind of mindset but not all the time I must confess! There is a lady that sells fish near by and some vegetables from her garden. She even has her own jams, and pies in her little store. I always buy from her because I want to give her the business. Yes, I can get it cheaper, but it is higher quality because she catches the fish herself. To me this is a blessing. I go out of my way just to buy from her.

    We do need to be aware of those that are out there even in the virtual world. Lots of people will ask me “Can you vote for me” “can you buy this on Amazon for me and give me a review” Of course! I may not know them well, but I like to support them. Plus, I get things at a low price lol.

    It’s always a win win!

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Awesome Bloggers of 2013My Profile

    • Donna,
      interesting.. as I was reading your great comment something else come in mind (what`s new?) and I share it with you here.

      We all do what you do, some of us exactly the same ans some not… my question is, do we know we are doing it>

      Are we aware? do we reflect on at times?

      I say this, if we would… all of us would go ahead and do what you do.. help as much as you can to every one along your journey and at the end, the whole world would benefit in ways that no one can predict BUT is great.

      With this I say to you THANK you for being you Donna… because you contribute a lot to improve the world we live in.

      Thanks so much for contributing..

  3. Nick,

    It’s not only lemonade stands. It is also those girls selling girl scout cookiesm those boys selling candy bars. Why does it always have to be so sweet when there is so much focus nowadays on eating less sugar. And then there are groups of kids that will wash your car. I have been guilty of passing each of these by yet how little it would cost for me to buy that cup of lemonade or that box of cookies, even if I decide not to drink it or choose to give the cookies away (I doubt that because they taste so good).

    Thanks for the reminder to not ignore these offers, to reach out and support the efforts of those who are working toward their own success.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Holiday Relationship Blues6 Ways to CopeMy Profile

    • Dr. Erica,
      you are so true, where about all the other great groups and individuals that put so much work, preparation, organization and who knows what else to bring forth what ever is that they are involved in?

      Wow, just to think, I feel bad.. because I never thought this way before..

      The only thing I can say now is “I am sorry I did not contribute more than I did” and from now on contribute as much as possible because in the long run we all feel better.

      You thank me for the reminder and now I thank YOU for what you reminded me and made it more essential to pay attention and support more often in what ever way possible.

      Thanks again fro contributing,

  4. Love the story Nick. Our attitude is everything and if we want success then having it ‘tuned to success’ is essential to us achieving the life of our dreams. Attitude is easy to fix.

    Unsuccessful people ‘believe’ that success just happens to them, as this is how it looks to them from their perspective.
    But success is created from our actions and our actions are defined by our attitude. And our attitude is controllable.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..12 Days to Get Your Online Biz Booming: Day 2My Profile

    • Rachel,
      wow, your are welcome…. so glad that you like the story… and pointed out so strongly that Attitude is easy to fix.

      I have many example to prove you are 100% correct, but I know you may have thousand more since from what you wrote “success is created from our actions and our actions are defined by our attitude. And our attitude is controllable.” it say is very, very clear… you are practising it every day and for sure teach it as well.. GREAT my friend.. that is wonderful and I must say it is a great ATTITUDE to have.

      thanks for all you do to support others.

  5. Love this post! I usually do stop at lemonade stands, my daughter wouldn’t hear of not doing so! I also have the added issue in my house of my daughter wanting to have a lemonade stand, puppet show, garage sale… really anything to invite people to stop by.

    I’ve learned a lot about my own reluctance to interact with people because of her!
    Kathy from Bliss Habits recently posted..Speaking of Celebration – How do you Celebrate?My Profile

    • Kathy,
      so you discovered your best teacher in life, correct?

      Good for you and lucky your daughter to have you as a mother…

      Learning is great and when we learn from our children.. it is double great because in the process we learn how to deal with them as they grow up and that is wonderful for all.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Nick! I have to admit I for one have never passed up a lemonade stand in my life! This is so funny because when I had Bredan last summer we would go looking for them. Would you have expected anything different from me Nick! great Message. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :) )
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Introducing Xalo My Ageless ExperienceMy Profile

    • Chery, NO, I did not expect anything different from you haha :-) BUT I must admit as you did, that reading that you and Bedan going around to find some lemonade stands.. well, that made me smile more and loved it haha :-) I could just see you being pulled by hom in every directions haha :-)

      Thanks for your support and for bringing smiles in people lives.

  7. Nile says:

    Definitely, the biggest thing is to change your outlook from negative to positive. It’s helped me tremendously, even in the hard times. People forget that they are the ones that control how their lives turn out. Yes, situations do occur, but their personal approach and choices change the outcome every time.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)
    Nile recently posted..WordPress 3.8 is Available!My Profile

    • Nile,
      great to read your comment here… it is direct and love it because I agree 100% with you.

      We are in control of our emotions.. and when we forget about that, we loose… BUT remembering, will actually make a huge difference.

      Our personal approach and choice to everything that we face, have the power to change the outcome at will.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  8. Well, we can’t stop and help ALL those less unfortunate, but when it comes to children… they are so impressionable, so easily encouraged or discouraged. Why not encourage them, build them up, help them to believe they can do what they’ve set out to do. Not only are children our future, but we hold the key to THEIR future in so many ways.

    I really like the quotes you added at the end of your post. This one…

    “The grass is greener where you water it” via Danielle Luedtke

    … reminds me of the scripture verse that says “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.” (Proverbs 14:4)

    I thought of that verse often when our older six children were small. The dishes were never completely done, and the house always seemed to be in chaos. But not for the world would I have traded with anyone who had no children!

    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Personality Colors – Speak the Language of Your ProspectMy Profile

    • Willena,
      you are correct, is not easy or simple to stop to all the lemonade stands.. actually, even that I focused to the lemonade stand… but actually I wanted to clearly say that every time we notice someone who put a lot effort to do anything or to share anything… is always great to stop by or just share a supportive look…

      Anyway, I know everyone see things differently and so there is always differences.

      Thanks for pointing that out Willena, I am sure with all your children for certain you had many different experiences.. so you are a Master in this subject haahh :=-)

      Thanks so much for reading the article an d your great comment.

  9. Love the message Nick and I must say Marquita’s comment is spot on. Make eye contact with the less fortunate. I just spend 2 months in India and know that I made a difference by treating many homeless people like humans, instead of the vermin many see them as. Great share.!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..4 Tips for Turning Feedback into DollarsMy Profile

  10. Hi Nick. What a wonderful, uplifting article. Almost too much to take in in one bite. I don’t think I’ll ever walk by a lemonade stand again. :)

    I enjoy cooming to your blog, because you always make me think with your posts that obviously come from the heart. I loved the quote by Judith Cambell, “When your heart speaks, take good notes”.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted..GKIC Info-SUMMIT Day 2 A.M.: More Dan and DaveMy Profile

    • Leslie,
      great you found the article wonderful.. very interesting and hope you will do some good along the way to some great small entrepreneurs this coming summer.

      So nice of you that you like to read what I write… yes, correct.. even though I get inspired from different sources… once I start to write, I never know what come out but since (as you say) thing come from the heart.. most times great people like you leaving supporting comments… it tell me I done it again, But I never know until you let em know :-)

      Thank so much and happy you like the quotes as well.

      Thanks again.

  11. Wonderful article!I have personally never come across a lemonade stand or anything of the sort yet, but i will make sure to stop by one if i see it, and take a quick swig for a quarter. Maybe offer some advice on the flavor or sweetness, maybe even the temperature, and then wish them a great time, and be on my way. If I see another, another quarter here and there, and I may have missed one somewhere along the way, but I will know that I made the effort to stop by any stand that I was able to acknowledge, and had a good drink, and gave good advice where needed.
    Thank you for your inspiring article, Nick. Hope you have a grand new years. Cheers!
    Ashton Dawson recently posted..Alternative RealitiesMy Profile

    • Ashton,
      wonderful comment you have here.. yes,. that is the idea behind the whole story… acknowledge the young entrepreneurs and encourage and advice them and most of all, stop and be there so they can experience success.. .

      You may never though of this, but I can bet that after you leave the stand (if you encounter one) the kids will discuss all what you have done what you said and how wonderful was to make a sale.. and that my friend is priceless..
      Thanks for reading the article and for your great comment.

  12. Hi Nick,

    OMGosh, how easy it is to just not think about a “lemonade stand” in terms of what we do and what we teach others by passing one by.

    Such an eye-opening post. Thank you. I guarantee I will not look at a lemonade stand again without thinking of this post and stopping.

    Have a great day, Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..What Is A Comment Redirect or First Time Here Page?My Profile

    • Monna,
      yes, the lemonade stand story is thee to remind us of so much more that just lemonade and for sure, once you start to stop at some, you will find how grateful you will be an dhow much more you will know about young entrepreneurs mindset and most of all.. you and them will be encouraged to do more …

      Thanks for reading the article and for your comment


  13. William Amis says:


    Great read and I wish we had those stands in our city yet they faded away. Your approach is a kind one and to move forward with a positive outlook is all that is expected of you.

    We learn from those who past through our lives and must keep the good times in our hearts and minds. We can be one who seeks goodness in every situation and take that. It is well worth it in this short live time journey we all are in.

    Thanks for opening up your heart and giving us this little share that starts our Year off well.

    Good luck with your adventures now and in the future.
    William Amis recently posted..The Fundamentals Are There!My Profile

    • William,
      thanks for reading my article and for your comment.

      yes, I am aware that the lemonade stands are fading away, and not only in one city but every were… the only places that they are still very strong are in small communities where every one have one thing in common… support our young people that will become the leaders of tomorrow.

      The lemonade stand is just a symbolic way to emphasis how important is to be one self at all times… no matter what the circumstances.

      Thanks again.


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