Simplify Life in 2014 and Stay Focused

It’s time to focus, 2014 come on us like a avalanche, so let’s focus of what’s important and finish strong.25

This is the beginning of the 3rd week of the year, how is going for you?

Did you find yourself rushing each which way to get going on all your goals set for the year?

Do you feel overwhelmed already? If your answer is yes, you are not alone and it is not your fault…

Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive into what we need to focus-on and move forward at our own pace knowing we will make it and we will make it according to our focused commitment and our sincere core desires.

Tony Robins, said: One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

How we work on our focus starting today, YES this week?

Not sure about you but I know I truly need to focus on my goals, achieve them and surpass my expectations… and I hope what’s written here will help you as well to stay focused on what is important to you.

One side personal note to emphasize how important is to focus and achieve success, something I experienced two days ago when I seen 3 feet of snow and 8 inches of ice from the steel roof of my cottage.

By the way, that project made me get inspired to write this article and stay focused the whole year on what’s important.

The weather finally was mild enough to venture outside for me, because we had temperature below minus -35 C in past weeks, this week finally got to 2 C. Checking for damages the snow and ice did around the cottage, included looking at the snow on top of the roof.

From the first glance, I noticed there was lots of snow up there, I never ventured to clear snow off the roof before, it’s already very DSCN5781[1]dangerous in the summer to go up there, and you can imagine how slippery can be in winter with snow and ice on top of it…but when I seen all that snow on the roof, I took a step ladder to check it out closely.

Once at the edge, with a shovel I start to take some snow off… and one move after another, I noticed that if I carefully focused where I placed my feet, I was able to clear some of the snow and ice that was causing some problems, “Ice Dam” formation.

To make it short here, I will come to a conclusion; I focused 100% of my attention on each move I was making with my feet and the shovel.

Being safe was first, because there was a 30 feet drop to the frozen river below and I did not want to end up down there. Second, I focuses on how and where to place my feet for traction and slowly after almost 2 hours, focusing on every move I was making, I was able to clear 3 feet or snow and 8 inches on ice on an area of 6X24 feet of the roof.

I tell you, focus was essential for me two days ago on top of the steel roof full of snow and ice… my life was at risk and I am cleanhere now telling the story, because I successfully focused on what was important at the moment and NOTHING else, till I was back on the ground safe and sound.

My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.

Bill Gates

Now back on the importance on focusing on anything that we want to achieve emotionally, physically and spiritually in life and business .

We may have spent days, weeks, months to set our goals we desire in life and a probably a great plan to achieve them. Now, the time has come to zoom in to what tasks we need to take and achieve the desire results… this will require complete Focus.

Focusing on any task that do not take very long time to finish is best.

If for any reason we run into any challenges when we take any tasks at hand, the only way we can overcome them is by placing our focus to the end result till the desired outcome is achieved.

If you desire to earn more money – focus with out distractions on the tasks that you clearly have identified that will produce revenue and do not focus on the mundane activity of running your business.

It was said…

We easily lose focus of what we want to achieve and the “why” we started, due to unclear goals, unfocussed energy and unfocussed attention.

Constant Focus is The Catalyst.

1355859917f285qMany of us may come up with a great plan. Many of us have great needs, wants, desires.

The challenge is to apply 100% focus needed so we do NOT get off track. The last two years I Focused On Change, it was not easy BUT change I did… so now One of my goal this year is to Simplify Life in all angles. Personally I am focusing on Spiritual Growth. Keep in Optimum Health. Spend more time with loved one and Focusing on my Online Home Based Business consisting 4 income streams at the moment that allow me to help and support others succeed with: DSD, LOPWA, SOC, TCA

I like to share with you a short story on how I used one of my business today (Send Out Cards). A friend of mine send me a email this morning that an 11 years old girl next door to him, lost her mother in a tragic car accident and she truly need some positive and uplifting messages to cheer her up and show people care, so he asked if I have any suggestions… Without hesitations I asked for her name and address and told him I will send a greeting card using Send Our Cards, wrote some loving words and within few minutes and a few clicks on my computer, it was done and the card was on her way…

I am very Grateful to be able to offer support to someone, even if I do not know them, it make me feel happy within and love it.

If you are curious how I use my different income streams to support others and you find we have a good fit, that will be great, if not, well, at list you know what I am involved into. please connect with me any time, love to share and show you how you too can support others simply and inexpensively.

Now is your turn, how are you simplifying your life this year, what’s your focus, and what are you doing that makes a difference for yourself and loved one find a way to live life on your own terms?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment, share this article if you agree that simplifying life and have focus is important to achieve success, and at the same time find ways to support others to make this year the best ever, thanks!


About nick catricala

Passionate to help, support, add value and wings to our unique and exciting life journey! _nickc is author of "The Commitment of a Lifetime" as well as an avid self improvement practitioner, spiritual truth seeker and entrepreneur. _nickc lives in Ontario, Canada, and love to publish positive, uplifting content at his InnerVeritas sites and can be contacted 24/7 at: (206) 203-2170 (Tel./Fax) or by eMail:
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44 Responses to Simplify Life in 2014 and Stay Focused

  1. Sarupa Shah says:

    Nick, Glad you took care while clearing your roof! Keeping your feet firmly planted is a good metaphor for having your life in order to allow you to focus without distraction.
    Sarupa Shah recently posted..Do you make these 5 transformation mistakes?My Profile

    • Sarupa,
      yes, keeping the feet planted is always something I love to have and not
      only when safety is concerned…

      Distraction can be very devastating results in many ways and for various reasons.


  2. Great insight as always Nick. I’m challenging myself to think BIG this year so during the planning stages there was a time I experienced overwhelm just thinking about all I have to do to accomplish what I have in mind. But once I has everything broken down by quarter, month and week now I am able to truly focus on what’s in front of me. It feels great to check off each item on the list and I’m keeping careful track of it all so that if at anytime I find myself tired or discouraged I will have visual proof of my progress. Here’s to a wonderful year!
    Marquita Herald recently posted..Mastering Transition Is The Key to Meaningful Life ChangeMy Profile

    • Marquita,
      thanks for your comment and compliment.

      Challenging to THINK BIG has been part of my life since I read the book Think Big back in the 1980′s, and often find my self in the same situation as you… and you know what? I never thought of breaking down things as dates and so on, but remembering what I learn from a lecture that I attended with Bob Proctor, where he was teaching of how to have huge goals or tasks at hand and braking them down in small chunks… well, I some how do that with out thinking BUT I know doing your way may be more beneficial and I will keep that in mind.

      Thanks so much for sharing and for your support.


  3. Yes indeed FOCUS makes the difference. So often I think I am doing what is needed and realize that I’ve lost focus on the important things… the things that really make a difference.

    Thanks for this Nick. You’ve inspired me to get clear about what I will focus on in 2014! Happy New Year to you!!
    Kathy from Bliss Habits recently posted..The Magic of the Mundane Adventure GuideMy Profile

    • Kathy,
      So happy to see your positive comment and reading that the article “inspired” you.. wow, that is really nice.

      And you so right, we get into so many thing day after day that sooner or later we loose control of what we can focus,. but a small wake up call, will bring us on track as long as at some point we made some clear thinking or notes about what we want to do or achieve… it looks like you did and it is wonderful.


  4. Holly says:

    I’m staying more focused as yo mentioned, it’s important to stay focus almost to the extent that if you lose track you may end up in big trouble!! I’ve chosen not to “do” so much and make an effort to do one thing at a time…forget procrastination and revisit my goals/why on a daily basis…
    Holly recently posted..I Don’t Like How That Feels! Gotta Start Somewhere!My Profile

    • Holly,
      great way to put it… stay focused is important and that is the only way not to loose focus and some how get in big troubles.

      Forgetting about “procrastination and revisit my goals/why on a daily basis…” is something that I did not do often.. but thanks to you now, I will set something up and yes, revisit every day before starting my day… That will speed up thins and for sure will keep me on track.

      Thanks so much for your support and contribution.


  5. It’s a great gift, Nick, to turn a blind eye to distractions and all your attention focused only on achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

    You’ve given great inspiration for working toward that end.

    Good luck with your efforts to simply in 2014. It’s a valuable undertaking, and one that clearly assists in maintaining clear focus.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted..Sales Funnel Part 5 | Back-End ConversionMy Profile

    • David,
      you are correct… it is some kind of gift, but if we think about, it is a gift that have been grown after years of using distractions an excuse not to focus on what was important… well, saying in another way, I paid my dues :-)

      Thanks for your compliment and hope it was very helpful in your life.

      Thanks for the good wishes, I am on target for 2014.. and because of what have happen before.. I use a simple system that remind me of all what is important to focus on.. and can add as goals or tasks come along.


  6. Sarah Arrow says:

    Hi Nick, I find that bad weather is great for focus, there’s nothing like a hot sunny day for distracting me from what I should be doing. Another great Tony Robbins quote is about “majoring in the minot”, where we spend too much time doing the things that don’t matter.
    Focus is the key to success, afterall if it wasn’t we’d all be successfull, right?
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Word Science: How to Use Amazing Words to Get More SharesMy Profile

    • Sarah,
      you may be correct, that we can be distracted even by a great sunny day… it happened to me many times, BUT often than not, I stuck to what I needed to indoor or as I done a few times, I brought my laptop outside under the shade and worked there for hours :-)

      Nice quote from Tony Robins.. I never heard of it.. very interesting, and yes, that is what we most time get stuck.. on things that are not important.

      Thanks so much for your comment.


  7. Hi Nick,

    Well, I am so glad you had total focus up on your roof, otherwise you wouldn’t have written this post. But that is a fine example of how we need to view focus.

    About two years ago, I was loosing my focus. I was trying to do everything and no matter how I prayed, meditated, and did all my other “tricks” to focus, it didn’t work.

    I found a download of a 30 day hypnosis on Focus. So I bought it an did it for 30 days straight. OK…I fell asleep sometimes and had to do it all over again that day he he.

    But, the point is that I did find a way to focus. Now, whatever I’m doing, it is in my subconscious mind and I can focus on each task I take.

    To answer your call to action, I have started to simplify my life since last Summer when I moved. I had so much “stuff” I realized I didn’t need so many things in my life. I was lucky to find a man who needed things to sell, that is what he did for a living. Of course he was a wonderful spiritual man that I am still friends with. I gave so many antiques and things to him that he was able to use that money to put a down-payment on a new car he needed.

    This made me feel so good! Now, I have “downsized” and I looked in my basement of many boxes of things I still don’t need. This is my next goal. I am organizing things to give away. When I realized I have 15 Winter Coats, I said to myself Why? I have so many dog things that my dogs don’t use, so I took that to a shelter. I have an overstock of blankets and other things, so I’m on a quest of giving them to people in need.

    How’s that for simplifying? Oh yes, I must tell you that David keeps telling me “What if you want that one day” He He…I won’t let his “fear” get in my way. Poor David!

    Donna Merrill recently posted..3 Lies Blogging Gurus Will Tell YouMy Profile

    • Donna,
      you are correct, there was no way I could write this article if I was not paying attention while on the steel roof with an opportunity to loose grip at any moment an end up 30 feet down the hill :-) I tell you, thinking of a not so great outcome can be a wonderful reminder to stay focused haaha:-)

      Interesting that you could loose focus and had to get into hypnosis.. but again, we all go through times like that and I applaud you for figuring out what was best for you to regain it back.

      Very happy that my article prompted you to action and start to clean up and simplify things around the the home… I can imagine how many boxes of stuff you had since you lived in a bigger home for so long…

      I had to do the same a couple of times… and you know what? I find that the more I clean up, and the more I am careful not to accumulate any more… case in mind, I have 5 winter coats for every day use… they have been bough by me, BUT when I would buy them, I would not think or remember I have others at home.. so they become 5 of them… well, soon they have become 4 and then 3 and now I am debating if they should become 2 or only one… after this really cold weather we are having, I believe it will be easy to make the decision haha :-)

      Interesting what you wrote about David… from what I know both, men and women are similar about the “What if you want that one day” the only difference is that women do for their “women things” and men do it for their “man things”… I guess he know you better and so he say it and when you will need again he will give you the smart “look” of victory haah :-)

      Be well and simple.. the longer we wait to be simple the more complicated we become.. so lets go for it :-)


  8. Hi Nick,
    Tony Robbins words are very powerful… “concentrate on power” mastering something, instead of dabbling through life makes the difference in how you live your life and what you experience. When I think of someone “mastering” their life, I think of the singer Tony Bennett. He loves singing and he loves painting. He even created an a free art school for young people interested in the arts. With focus, concentration, he has really lived his life and has a legacy. He’ll be remembered for a long time… he’s an inspiration
    Lesly Federici recently posted..Delicious Questions For Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Lesly,
      yes, Tony Robins are powerful.. he study and practice what he preach and they become more powerful for sure.

      Thanks for sharing Tony Bennett story, I was not aware since I never really read much of his life.. I just enjoyed his song in my younger years… San Francisco.. wow, I dreamed for years of when I would visit it after hearing him singing about the beauty.. and finally in 1991, I made it and wow, was he correct!!!!

      Great example to remember to stay focused and have concentration on what is important or and what means so much for us.

      Thanks again.


  9. Hi Nick! love that quote by Tony Robbins.

    If we can focus our energy and attention on achieving our goals, put a sustainable plan in place, and celebrate our wins along the way, success is well within our reach!

    • Rebekah,
      so nice to know you love the Tony Robins Quote.. I am happy that I shared so many people can benefit and if you loved it, I am sure it was beneficial to you in some ways.

      What you wrote is all very valid… no way we can accomplish meaningful goals unless we focus our energy and attention on achieving, and the rest as having a plan and celebrating our wins..

      Thanks so much for your support and comment.


  10. William Amis says:


    That was a moving interaction you did and I feel the family of the little one will be so move as to respond back to you fast.

    Having the prompting to do such a supportive act of pure kindness is what we all should try to focus on this year.

    Thank you for sharing this heart warming story.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Great article. I really enjoyed reading it and I was really into helping you get your footing each time, so you wouldn’t fall. Great focus.

    I’m learning to focus on things a lot better than I ever have and it’s great.

    It was great chatting with you today. Sorry I was not able to help you.

    Have a great evening. Monna

    • Monna,
      always nice to know that my articles are “great” it inspire me to write more, or it is my ego :-)

      Stay focused when on a roof top is essential, especially when the roof is made of steel and is so slippery with ice and snow… my mind was 100% on what I was doing at all time.. when relaxed I had the privilege to think about writing about.

      Great that you are doing your part to be more focused than ever now.. with our little interaction I noticed that you are focused a LOT more that what you give credit for… and I congratulate you for it.

      No worry about what it was not done the other day… I am sure we learned something out of it and so it was not wasted time.

      Thanks so much again


  12. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Nick,

    Happy New Year to you! I have been on vacation till first week of january and so the late new year wish!

    Wow! What an awesome post. I especially love that quote from Tony Robins! He is just amazing!

    For me, this is rather a very important year where there are goals I’ve set for myself which I must achieve and I know I will. This is going to be the banner year for my business here in the US and in many other places I work. Thank you for asking and helping me get my focus one more time on the goal.

    Have a success full 2014 and a glorious week!


    • Hey Kumar,
      nice to receive a Happy New Year from you now… and there is no problem it is this late, you are the only one who wished me happy New year this late so you are unique and the wishes as welcomed and appreciated.

      Yes, I knew you were on vacation since I read it in the B3 sheet.. hope you and great time and you can do it again.

      Great you enjoyed the article… and especially Tony Robins quote.. it is always a pleasure to add powerful words from people who are devoted for the empowerment of humankind.

      Glad to read that you made goals for this year that MUST and WILL be achieved.. great attitude and I know you will achieve them and probably do more since I noticed your focus is very sharp.

      Thanks so much for your late and appreciated best wishes for success in 2014 and the week… it is nice to interact with positive people like you.

      The same best wishes for you and your family…


  13. Hi Nick, I’m so pleased you focused carefully while on the step ladder, otherwise we would miss you dearly! I can’t imagine how cold you would have been, especially when it’s so warm here.

    I agree, Tasks get done a lot better and faster when you focus on them properly without distraction.

    What you said here Nick

    ” focus with out distractions on the tasks that you clearly have identified that will produce revenue and do not focus on the mundane activity of running your business. ”

    is so much more important than we realize, and it’s so easy to forget what we “should” be focusing on.

    Thanks so much for your story about focus, it really accentuated how necessary it is, whatever we do!
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..How Beginner bloggers get HTML Code by CheatingMy Profile

    • Julieanne,
      I am very, very pleased my self for having 100% ficus when I was on top of that slippery steel roof.. so I could make it to write about hahah :-)

      Wonderful that you agree with what I wrote, that tells me that you are on track your self and probably more than me and I am happy for that.

      Yes, focusing on what produce revenues is essential.. the rest will fit into place as we go along… once we identify what’s important, focusing is easy correct?

      You are very welcome for me to write the story Julieanne.. I am glad it was useful to you as much as it was for me.. and I wish you all the best in 2014 and beyond.


  14. silviu says:

    Hello Mr. Nick,

    This post is right on time. After a whole year of wandering here and there on the internet and the online marketing world, I need to focus more on some serious goals.

    I think everything begins with the so called “why”. This is what I am focusing right now. What is my “why”?

    What you are saying here is that when you focus 100% on a single goal you will achieve it no matter how huge is the respective task. OK. I will do that in the beginning of this year. Let’s see what comes up.

    Now, I am just curious. What is DSD, LOPWA, SOC, TCA?

    I will click the links to see what is all about.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted..Hunt Your Most Popular Posts with the Best RifleMy Profile

    • Silviu,
      Great to know you found the article interesting and on time for you to start a new and successful year.

      yes, as you said, the “Why” is very important… with out a “why” we only wonder from places to places and never find what we really are after.

      Focusing on the goal we want to achieve will always bring successful results.. and it is a great practice to have.

      I am certain by now your curiosity have revealed what the DSD, LOPWA, SOC, TCA stand for… if not, just click on the links and you will find out.. and if that fail, please connect with me and I will share it with you what they mean.

      Thanks so much again.


  15. Alan Jenkin says:

    That’s a great example of focus, Nick! Every year I start out by making focus my prime objective, but generally I lose it before the end of January. Sometimes the mundane activities of managing a business get in the way of productive work, and often they cannot be delayed.

    Thanks for the reminder: this year I’ll do better!

    Alan Jenkin recently posted..Rethinking the Word Sales – It’s Not a Dirty WordMy Profile

    • Alan,
      Wonderful that you seen my example of focusing interesting… because it is haha :-)

      I am happy to read that you already apply a great deal of focus every year.. and you are so right that it is also easy to loose concentration.. but simple reminders here and there, for certain will bring back to focus… especially if you have some accountability partner or client that want or need to see results, correct?

      Your are welcome for the reminder.. I wish you will remind others and that include me for when necessary.

      Thanks again.


  16. Clare says:

    Thanks for writing this. Firstly, glad to hear all is ok. Although I’m sure many busy people will say multi tasking is vital to get everything done (especially if they have small children). But I agree it’s important to look at the overall goal/accomplishment you desire and taking focused action to achieve them. However the vortex of social media platforms are be a big distraction.

    • Clare,
      you are very welcome, glad you enjoyed the article.

      I can tell you have great kids that keep you busy, so I am certain you are focused in many ways but since you do it every day with out thinking… you may feel that you cannot focus.. BUT you do and do a great job ..
      Thank so much for reading and commenting.

  17. Hey Nick! You need to invest in a roof rake my friend! I keep up with the snow as it comes so I don’t have to get up there and shovel 3 feet at a time LOL

    I love how you write and always share your stories with us my friend. I have been so focused this year. I found me a mentor who had me actually write down my goals in my journal and date this.

    She had me do this the day we met and then again a week later, now I have made this a habit, a habit that works, try it once.

    You may find yourself following through because it is easier to accomplish something if your truly focused on the outcome each week.

    Thanks for sharing Chery :) )
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Taking Control Of Your FutureMy Profile

    • Chery,
      I know I should invest in a roof rake but even if I had one I could not use it since I do not have space to go up on the roof on the side that I needed to take the snow off.. I left the other one on for the sun to melt it down sooner or later hahah :-)

      I can see that you know how y=to do it.. so come over and enjoy doing it because what I did was MORE then enough for this year.

      Knowing that you found a great mentor is a news that make me really happy, I would love me to be the one, but as we already discussed, a Mentor is who already did what you want to do and succeeded and since I did not do what you are mentored about, I could not support you and BOY Am I happy that you are succeeding.. very happy for you.

      What you are doing is just what you needed after wasting so much time on what you were introduced and not having the heart to do it.

      Thanks so much for your support.

  18. Focus is the best lesson I ever learned in my business career and in my personal life. So many opportunities come along to try and steal my attention away but when i stay focused on what my goal was in the first place, I have much more success in almost everything.
    Stephen Anderson recently posted..Warren Buffett – Berkshire HathawayMy Profile

    • Syephen,
      so nice to see your comment here… I am happy to learn that you know that “focus” is so important to succeed in personal and business life.

      Since you are new here, I took the liberty to read something about you on your website and I am mazed of how much you have accomplished so far in life and more amazed that you are not stopping and have so many more goals that you love to achieve.

      You already done more that I can even think of it and knowing that you mastered the part of “focusing”.. I am certain you will succeed even more in the years to come.

      Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

  19. Kyle Nelson says:

    Hey Nick love all the metaphors and quotes that you included in this wonderful article. I always challenge myself to think big, bigger than i could ever imagine but this year i have challenge myself to think small as well. Since January 1st i have been attempting to meet the same daily goals that i wrote down on a calendar. Things such as 30 minutes of exercise, drinking enough water, reading, meditation and prayer, etc. I feel the small things will accumulate over time and help me meet my larger goals and aspirations in life.

    Kyle Nelson recently posted..Easy Tips on Writing A Great Blog PostMy Profile

    • Hey Kyle,
      it looks like we all do similar resolutions… and what you set out to do is very noble as I see it… CONGRATULATION..

      Yes, having huge goals is great and most times they seem great because we listen to others… as I noticed with this little that you wrote here is that YOU come to a very positive solution.. Do what is important and the rest will take care by itself.
      “30 minutes of exercise, drinking enough water, reading, meditation and prayer” wowowowo, that is WEALTH building that at your young age will be very fruitful that when time come and you think back.. you will feel complete… Great to see that you do that and I thank you for reading my article and supported me with your comment.

      All the best in every way and if I can support you even more, PLEASE get in touch any time.

  20. Hi Nick,
    isn’t it amazing how life’s experiences can teach us lessons.
    You obviously found a great one in your challenge with the snow on your roof.
    We have summer here now, down under in New Zealand, and I live in the northern part where we hardly get frost, never mind snow.

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights.
    Love and Light!
    Yorinda Wanner recently posted..Empowering Questions help getting more Results we wantMy Profile

    • Yorinda,
      you are correct.. life is a amazing and we re-discover more and more of what we need to know every day at every opportunity.

      The roof opportunity sure teach me more…
      Thanks for your comment.

  21. Dawn Golden says:

    Staying focused is a constant work in progress for me. My Journaling Project has been a learning experience and It really helps me to document my TO DO list and accomplishments. Having a plan to keep business folks on the income producing activities… that is great advice. Thanks Nick!
    Dawn Golden recently posted..Week 7 Journaling ROWMy Profile

    • Dawn,
      since I had the pleasure to meet you through our blogging Group… I have admired you for so much that you are doing and I see that you increase more and more… for certain you must have a way to be able to deal with this and every day you improve to do more and be organized.

      For certain having a plan will help and I am certain you do have one that is working well..

      Good for you and thanks for your comment.

  22. Hi Nick,
    I know whenever I feel overwhelmed it is exactly because of what Tony Robbins said — lack of focus. Sometimes I think I need to do a lot more than really is necessary, and then I get unfocused.
    Your story about removing the snow off your roof is an excellent illustration of focus!!! You weren’t getting sidetracked or taking any unnecessary steps up there!!
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Even the Smallest DetailsMy Profile

    • Willena,
      great to see your comment here and mentioning what we all know is important and what Tony Robins preach over and over again… Stay Focused hahah :-)

      Yes, taking snow off the roof teach me something that I knew it before.. BUT never in my life had to pay attention in such a degree.. and you know what> I done it 3 more times after the first time.. and every time was better because I learned how to stay focuses 100% and once I step down on the solid ground, I though of how great it is to stay focused.. not only I was able to take the snow off but be alive as well hahah :-)



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