12 Little Known Laws of Karma

12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life)

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear”. _Matthew 11:15

Back on September 30-2013 I published an article that outlined the 12 Sacred Principle of Karma after reading the book written by: Dr. Steven Hairfield

Yesterday was not a great day for me, just as it has not been since December 27th 2013. I also received an email message from someone who we where once friends (I just deleted it) who does not want to know about the law of karma and keep pounding on things that deviate his attention from understanding how Karma works in life. (hope this article will help him understand NOT to continue doing what he is doing and how he is doing it)

I am not an expert on this subject, but life experience has been my teacher for the law of retribution and today, after many weeks of feeling the urge to write more on this subject, it just happen that I run across a similar article on the Social Consciousness website.

Re-reading these 12 laws, they once again helped me immensely to make a huge decision. Once the decision was made, immediately felt more at easy and better. (I was feeling stressed out, tied up with a huge weight on my shoulder)

That prompted me to publish it here so others can benefit as I did and more…

“What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have aKarma - going round reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it.

This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is wholly for the sake of education or learning.

A person may not escape the consequences of his actions, but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering. Ignorance of the law is no excuse whether the laws are man-made or universal.

To stop being afraid and to start being empowered in the worlds of karma and reincarnation, here is what you need to know about karmic laws.


- “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect”.

- Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us.

- If what we want is Happiness, Peace, Love, Friendship… Then we should BE Happy, Peaceful, Loving and a True Friend.


- Life doesn’t just HAPPEN, it requires our participation.

- We are one with the Universe, both inside and out. – Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state.

- BE yourself, and surround yourself with what you want to have present in your Life.


- What you refuse to accept, will continue for you.

- If what we see is an enemy, or someone with a character trait that we find to be negative, then we ourselves are not focused on a higher level of existence.


- “Wherever you go, there you are”.

- For us to GROW in Spirit, it is we who must change – and not the people, places or things around us.

- The only given we have in our lives is OURSELVES and that is the only factor we have control over.

- When we change who and what we are within our heart our life follows suit and changes too. THE


- Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong in me.

- We mirror what surrounds us – and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.

- We must take responsibility what is in our life.


- Even if something we do seems inconsequential, it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected.

- Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on.

- Someone must do the initial work to get a job done.

- Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance,

- As they were both needed to accomplish the task.

- Past-Present-Future they are all connected…


- You can not think of two things at the same time.

- When our focus is on Spiritual Values, it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.


- If you believe something to be true,then sometime in your life you will be called upon to demonstrate that particular truth.

- Here is where we put what we CLAIM that we have learned, into actual PRACTICE.


- Looking backward to examine what was, prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.

- Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams…

- Prevent us from having new ones.


- History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.


- All Rewards require initial toil.

- Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.

- True joy follows doing what we’re suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come in on its own time.


- You get back from something whatever YOU have put into it.

- The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.

- Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the Whole.

- Lack luster contributions have no impact on the Whole, nor do they work to diminish it.

- Loving contributions bring life to, and inspire, the Whole.”
Article Source: social-consciousness

_I am nickc


About nick catricala

Passionate to help, support, add value and wings to our unique and exciting life journey! _nickc is author of "The Commitment of a Lifetime" as well as an avid self improvement practitioner, spiritual truth seeker and entrepreneur. _nickc lives in Ontario, Canada, and love to publish positive, uplifting content at his InnerVeritas sites and can be contacted 24/7 at: (206) 203-2170 (Tel./Fax) or by eMail: nicavita@gmail.com
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30 Responses to 12 Little Known Laws of Karma

  1. Hello Nick, This was quite the article my friend! I really learned a lot but I really got the most of #3. THE LAW OF HUMILITY-> If what we see is an enemy, or someone with a character trait that we find to be negative, then we ourselves are not focused on a higher level of existence.

    Now this one my friend has been eating at me for a while and once I let go my life started to turn around so it is very true.

    I did copy this and will go back and read again and again. Love It Thanks for sharing Chery :) )
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Taking Control Of Your FutureMy Profile

    • Chery,
      yes, this is quiet an article and I am happy you made a copy because this is something like a reminder every moment in all we do, say and think.

      Happy, as I already know that you could let go what was eating you up, I know how great it feels hahah :-)

      Just move on and do what you Feel good doing and the rest will come along as it should.


  2. Hi Nick,

    Great post. I’ve always heard things happen for a reason and are meant to be but never really thought about how complex that statement is in the grand scheme of things.

    You know, we talked about your situation and mine and it was a lot of happenings to get where we are.

    I hope you have a great day. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..What Is A Comment Redirect or First Time Here Page?My Profile

    • Monna,
      so nice to know this article was useful to you in a different way… getting to know something deeper, is really great…
      As we discussed earlier, it is really good to do, say and think what is best for everyone… and some how life will get better along the way.

      Your support is appreciated.

      Thanks so much.

  3. Sarah Arrow says:

    Nick, thanks for this teaching about KArma. I had no idea it was Sanskrit for action. I’m going to print off your list and study it in much more detail, thanks for sharing it with me.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..WordPress Author Box: Does my bio look good in this?My Profile

  4. What a fantastic post Nick!

    I especially love this one – ” For us to GROW in Spirit, it is we who must change – and not the people, places or things around us.” It’s always easier to point the finger at those around us then turn the mirror on ourselves and make necessary changes from within.

    Great reminders!
    Rebekah Radice recently posted..3 Things Every New Blogger Needs to Do…Right NowMy Profile

    • Rebekah,
      Great you enjoyed the article.

      Thanks for your comment… it is always wonderful to know others like to read things I publish and when some one love it it is a pleasure that will be treasured in my heart.

      Hope the info will help you along your pathway of life.

      Thanks again.


  5. Hi Nick!

    I sure glad you posted this! Many people don’t understand the laws of Karma. Some even think it is something against their belief system.

    But, it is in fact a scientific law of the universe. I’m not a specialist either, but when you realize these laws and follow them, they are universal laws of life. It makes you a more peaceful and harmonious person.

    I truly believe we are all connected. And every action we do has a re action. Based on those principles, one must start thinking and developing a mindset that whatever you do, say or even think, has cause and effect. “You sow as your reap”

    I love the laws of growth and responsibility. We are constantly growing weather we are aware or not. So why not be aware and learn? Then we have to realize that no mater what we do, we are responsible for our own actions. Thereby, goes that blame game people play and end up standing still in life.

    Once we are aware of all these laws, we start thinking before we speak or act. We have heightened awareness of everything around us, no matter how small we think it can be.

    Knowing that we are all connected and living for others is more important than living for ourselves, that, to me is the secret of true happiness.

    Thanks Nick,

    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Shocking Truth About FacebookMy Profile

    • Donna,
      happy that you enjoyed to read this article..

      Correct, most people thinking is as you said, including mine till I finally learned the Truth from the Masters, you probably experienced the same and that is great.

      Our inner feeling always tell us about this law, but we do not pay much attention… till someone open up our knowledge and teach us that Karma is not more than what we have known as “You sow as your reap” just as you wrote above.

      Paying more attention to all our actions, deeds and thoughts would solve us a lot of tribulation.. but as humans we tend to forget often and that is when as you correctly wrote again “Thereby, goes that blame game people play and end up standing still in life.”

      Yes my dear friend Donna… once we truly accept that we are all together, for sure we start to see the light and if for some reason we tend to live life carelessly.. sooner or later we calm down and recognize what is best for us.

      Great comment Donna.. a pleasure to reply and sorry for the late reply….


  6. Kyle Nelson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the law of karma. I don’t think i have really been introduced to the different laws that you listed above. I think, for me at least, the most prominent one is “Life doesn’t just HAPPEN, it requires our participation”. I think a lot of times we all get stuck in this mindset that we deserve success or that God/Universe or what ever you may believe, will take care of us and then become disappointed when things don’t go our way. I think we for sure need to participate and make things happen, not just wait on them to.
    Kyle Nelson recently posted..The 4 Crucial Components of an EmailMy Profile

    • Kyle,
      always a pleasure to publish something that is not usually noticed in the mainstream so we tend to pay a little different attention.

      As you correctly wrote “Life doesn’t just HAPPEN, it requires our participation” … once we recognize that and make certain we keep it in mind at all times, for certain we would avoid much of the so called Karma to accumulate, because sooner or later we need to face it if we like it or not.

      Yes, by keeping active and participate in all we do, say and think.. we sooner or later find the best way to live life at the best possible way..

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. I really appreciated this post and resonated with all 12 laws. I think the 12th law of significance and inspiration sums it up pretty well. I’m going to keep this on hand. It was THAT good!! Thanks
    Tandy Elisala recently posted..Why meeting the President was meaning LESSMy Profile

    • Tandy,
      so happy to read your comment knowing that what was published made a difference in some ways.

      Yes, keeping it handy is a great way to keep it in mind till we get used to use them as we walk along our journey here on earth.
      Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Nick,

    The concept of karma has been around for thousands of years yet every person seems to have a different definition of it. I received quite an education reading this post. It seems that our karma is the key to our entire life. I once heard it said that if we want to know why we are doing what we do, or why we seem to be stuck in certain areas of our life, we must look to our karmic map.
    Rachel Lavern@Online Boomer Babe recently posted..How to Start a Booming Online Business ChecklistMy Profile

    • Rachel,
      you seem to be very advanced or interested on this subject, even so you may never seen the principle as you did now.
      Knowing that you received a a quiet education from reading, I can only gather that you read what resonate within you and =that is wonderful.. for certain they will stay in mind as you live your personal and business life.

      As I wrote, I am not an expert on this.. but since I got to learn a few things here and there about what have been known as Karma, I must say my life have not been the same.

      I wish what you read will serve you to live a better life than before..
      Thanks so much for your comment and support.

  9. Vicky Chrisikou says:

    Wonderful article Nick, it nailed the essence of the law of atribution…. in Greece it is called antipeponthos…. which means the return of the payment…. brilliant. This season I am focusing on #7…Yea I need to learn to focus accurately and extensivelly enough in every thing I want to see growing and progressing.

    • Thanks so much for your great comment Vicky, very HAPPY to know this article made a difference for you and love your addition in how it is used in Greece.. Now I know more thanks to you…

      Yes, I agree with you, focusing on what we know deep within is always what is best for us… Good Luck in every way…

      I did not see any website listed and so cannot come to visit what you write or to see what you are working on, please share it next time.. THANKS a lot again.

  10. silviu says:

    Hello Mr. Nick,

    You started with a Christian saying and continued with the twelve laws of Karma. :)

    In my opinion, this is not a good way to advance spiritually. Let’s give it a name: New Age thinking.

    New Age thinking is very appealing to millions of people in Europe and Western world because it takes a truth from a tradition, a second truth from another tradition and so on. You take one concept from Hinduism, plus one law from Chinese wisdom, then a principle from Buddhism and a saying from Islam and a story from Christianity etc. Then they create a kind of salad and called it Wisdom.

    This wisdom is very comfortable as they take everything they like from each tradition. It is comfortable, easy to understand and very pleasant.

    Now, because it is simple, easy and pleasant this thinking seduced millions of people, especially those who do not have time available for thinking.

    They come home tired, after work and then want something to warm their soul and make their heart vibrate with joy. And they always find what they want here, in this kind of thinking.

    What is the value of New Age thinking? Let’s see one example.

    Let’s say you want to cook some food.

    You take one huge bowl and start to fill it with: soup, a beef steak, two eggs, macaroni and cheese, a pizza, a shoe, a pair of trousers, some 2-3 rocks from the street, a hot dog, half a pound of sand, rice, a piece of cotton and a brick.

    Then you pour some olive oil, some vinegar and sprinkle everything with salt, pepper, chili and mustard. Your salad is ready. Can you eat it?

    New age salad includes: Brahmanism (Hinduism), Taoism, Buddhism, Islamism, Christianity, Kaballah, Yoga, Tantra, Magic arts, Shamanism and so on. They take the simplest concepts from each tradition and make a mixture, a salad that looks very appealing to the eye.

    However, can you eat that salad?

    My opinion, choose only one tradition, one system of thinking, one philosophy, one wisdom.

    One single tradition is enough to give your soul food for a lifetime. Two will lead you to nowhere.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted..Hunt Your Most Popular Posts with the Best RifleMy Profile

    • Hello Silviu,
      interesting indeed that you happen to see or understand things as you do..

      I recognize my self in you many, many years ago…

      Love to discuss further what made me be as I am now and NOT stay at the state of mind I had many years a go, but for certain it will take a long time, so I invite you to set a meeting with me and we can discuss this issue as much as you like.

      One thing I can say here and now is that we are all human beings searching for what we consider to be perfect for us to feel one with the Creator.. we all use different pathways BUT all of them lead to one destination.. NO matter what we call it …

      Please connect with me soon.. love to her more of what you have to say and if it helps, I can share some of mine to let you know how I arrived to the conclusion I did to be able to live a harmonious lifestyle as best as I possibly can with God as My Guide (no matter if I call God, or Buddha or any other human language name)

      Thanks so much for taking time to read the article and for your great and long comment.. appreciate it very much and as I said, I love to discuss this topic further if that is what you like.


  11. Nick, Thanks so much for writing this article and sharing the laws of karma with all of us. All of the 12 laws really are eye opening and I especially liked #4 when it said: When we change who and what we are within our heart our life follows suit and changes too. I appreciate you sharing this wisdom!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Anti-Aging Sweet and Spicy Radish SaladMy Profile

    • Shelley,
      you are very welcome and I am happy you benefited in some ways, you are such a great person, it is my pleasure to know that something I published is beneficial.

      Ho, and what resonate with you most #4… wow, you truly grasped it and I am very, very happy to know.. hope will help you an doters more and more..

      THANKS so much again for dropping by and look forward (as usual :-) to drop by your wonderful website to learn about staying healthy :-)

  12. Clare says:

    Thanks for writing and sharing. Karma is one of those words which I kinda of looked at on the surface. Thanks for sharing your simple and interesting post. It has help me look at karma in a wider and deeper view.

    • Clare,
      is interesting that you looked at the so called Karma on the surface only… perhaps you know about it in another term.. but we cannot get aay from cause and effect.. hope we all get it as it should and life gets better and better as we walk our journey.


  13. Sue Bride says:

    These are universal truths aren’t they. It is a long time since I have read about the 12 laws so it is great to refresh my memory.

    The word Karma is used so often these days and I wonder if most people really know what it means.
    Sue Bride recently posted..How To Encourage Pinterest PinningMy Profile

    • Sue,
      so nice to know that you read the book so long a go.. that proves you are interested in this subject as well.. great!!!!

      Yes, you are correct, the word Karma is used to many times these days.. and I feel it is good so more people will get to understand better.


  14. Dawn Golden says:

    Hi Nick. It happens to be a pretty stressful time for our family at the moment, with lots of infighting and power struggles with my husbands siblings. I want to remain in a positive karma place, so this article will help keep me rooted. Thanks!
    Dawn Golden recently posted..Wireless Logitech H800 HeadsetMy Profile

    • Dawn,
      wow, I am so happy to read that this article made some difference in your life at this time.. I wish things will get better for you and your family as time go on.. thse things happens.. but soon they will pass and some how life get back to a certain level that it is better..

      Much love to you and your family.

      Happy Easter

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