Can You Afford NOT to Earn More?

This morning I was reading one of the financial newsletters I received and this topic hit a cord.. so I decided to share seem highlights.

Here is the topic my focus went to:
Debt Ceiling

You have been deceived all along

You have been deceived all along

“Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew today said the U.S. risks breaching the federal debt limit by the end of this month and called on Congress to raise it immediately to sustain economic momentum. The debt ceiling was suspended through Feb. 7 under an agreement between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans in October. The Treasury Department uses so-called extraordinary measures, or accounting maneuvers, stay under the ceiling.”

The above move will manipulate USA citizens once more to believe that what they are doing is good for them, BUT I am certain you can attest, that is not the case, correct?

Mind you, I am Italian/Canadian, living in Canada and not in the USA, but from what I learn so far, when a country manipulate their citizens, everyone around the world suffer as well in one way or another. Just as it happen when we get hurt ourselves, or another person or animal or anything on our planet.. some how the damage we causes will reflect back to us at some degree, and many times even worse.

You Can Choose Wisely

You Can Choose Wisely

This is why I chose to live life as nobly as I possibly can, according to my knowledge, intelligence and know how.

Experience shown me that, what happen to USA citizens it’s interesting for others around the world, because what a government does to make other people lives miserable and in turn, bring the country to a lesser desirables place to live, many other countries depending on their mismanaged government will follow the decline..

From all what I read in the financial letter, I focused on the info below… but I tell you, I read a lot more depressing news about the future of the economy in the USA, hope it wake you up as it did to me, and make something lifestyle choices to save your self and your family from the aggressive attack on your freedom of choice.

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Case study:
Here is an interesting video regarding the effects of Obamacare on all the employees at at Simonetta’s auto repair shop in Pennsylvania. The video was made by a local TV station.

Choice is a God Given Privilege, take action and choose wisely.

1 – If the above story hit a sensitive cord and resonated with you in any way, please leave a comment and please Share with others and make the day for someone who need it right now.

No matter what you do, thank you in advance for what you do.

Thanks for reading the story and I hope this helps and inspires you.

_I am nickc


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Passionate to help, support, add value and wings to our unique and exciting life journey! _nickc is author of "The Commitment of a Lifetime" as well as an avid self improvement practitioner, spiritual truth seeker and entrepreneur. _nickc lives in Ontario, Canada, and love to publish positive, uplifting content at his InnerVeritas sites and can be contacted 24/7 at: (206) 203-2170 (Tel./Fax) or by eMail:
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42 Responses to Can You Afford NOT to Earn More?

  1. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Nick,

    I have heard about the horror stories about Obamacare and affordable act and it’s mind blowing to see how small businesses and middle class are hurting because of this act which was supposed to help them.

    Thank you for shedding some light on it and sharing this video. I am going to share it with others and probably help one more person get educated.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Introverts Bring Extraordinary Talents And Abilities To The WorldMy Profile

    • Kumar,
      helping each others in any way possible is something that have been around since ancient times.. the problem is that we tend to forget when things go well with us…

      What I shared is for certain helpful since no government will every do that, I firstly thank the person who added that video, second I love to thank everyone who always do things to help the fellow men and the planet and third and not the list, I love to thank YOU here and others who will understand the need of how much this video can help others understand what situation they are in and do something about it…

      THANKS so much Kumar, I am happy I am Online to say thank you as soon as I published this article and as soon as you happen to read it…

      Everything happen for a GOOD reason haha :-)

      • Kumar Gauraw says:

        You are very welcome Nick! I am sure you would have heard about the joke that goes something along these lines:

        You should run in the other direction when someone comes to you and says, “I am from government and I am here to help.”

        That’s exactly Obamacare is all about. Government trying to help some people means government putting a lot more people in trouble. It’s sad but I guess people of America will have to now go through this pain now. Very unfortunate…

        Kumar Gauraw recently posted..15 Technical Things You Must Know About Web HostingMy Profile

        • Hey Kumar,
          I never heard the joke that you shared.. but I use something similar when some one say to me “Trust Me” … that tell me NOT to trust them at all…. and sometime even if I am wrong, I am still happy that I felt not to trust them because anyone who is trustworthy, he or she does not have to let somene to trust them..

          Obamacare is not a good deal for any USA citizens…

          Thanks for your comment again.

          • Kumar Gauraw says:

            Oops! That is something even I have said a few times as far as I can remember, Nick. That means, I should stop using “Trust me” style :-)

            And, I know a few of my blogging friends who use that phrase. I better let them also know that they are not being trusted by a few because they said so. This is a great insight!

            Thank you for sharing :-)

            Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Body Language Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business MeetingMy Profile

          • Kumar,
            the Oops!!!! is for many of us at one time or another.. and until we come to truly understand what we are saying.. some how we change and do better hahah :-)

            My older son used to use that phrase very often and when I start to slowly make him understand how damaging may be.. I noticed he use it very few times now, but he still does and I also noticed he is aware and try to correct himself right away hahah :-) I know he will avoid to say it soon.

            Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello Nick! We are all going to be impacted on this Obamah fiasco here in the US! I am not sure what other choices we have other than to follow along. We all need to sign up for this so called “”Affordable Care Act!!

    I am not sure how I am going to afford this I am paying $350 every month now and I just learned I will now have to pay double this amount!!

    This is just major medical!! Yikes!!I CANNOT AFFORD IT! IT IS NOT EXCEPT-ABLE!!

    Crazy Crazy!! Any suggestions?? thanks for sharing but I for one already knew this.. Chery :) )
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Get Set Up For Success The Right Way The First TimeMy Profile

    • Chery,
      you are correct about being impacted… probably even here in Canada from the looks of things.

      There is always a way around to everything and I am certain you will figure it out once it really hurts to pay all that money every month.. and as it turn out to be, it will never happen any moment sooner :-0

      Wish you and others great luck in finding ways around…


      • Hey Nick! There is no way around we have to apply through Obamah care! this is the way it works otherwise we have no insurance and this is not an option I can afford to take!

        It is all coming to a head here March 1st I don’t have a clue what else that we can do. I was on a call the other night and no one has any answers for us.

        This is very scary stuff. Chery :) )
        Chery Schmidt recently posted..For Online Success Be Sure To Ask For The BusinessMy Profile

        • Chery, not sure what you many that there is no way around.. but what I see it is that this is not good for no one.. so I wish you and every one the best in all what is happening now and the future.

          I am certain March 1st that is not far now, all will be more clear and more easy for everyone to benefit.


  3. Nile says:

    The thing is that with all of these people in the US, and only so many politicians, why aren’t there enough people making a change and electing people who will keep the US a democratic country. Obamacare is just a step into socialism. It’s literally taxation without representation all wrapped up into being called health insurance. If you don’t have it, you get fined.

    And businesses have to only employ people under a certain amount of time to avoid footing the bill for health insurance.

    It’s one piece of a big stink pie.
    Nile recently posted..WordPress Web Design: What Happened To Being Creative?My Profile

    • Nile, it looks like you are one of the few who get it as it should…

      Whenever the government step into someone else shoe, we only have to figure out how to get out of it and let them play their own game as they like without us.. love that :-)

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Sarah Arrow says:

    I don’t understand the American healthcare system at all. I’ve posted questions on Facebook about it as I really don’t have a clue as to how it works. All that said, I know many expats who move to the US from the UK and then move back to the UK as they hit middle age as they cannot afford to get ill.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..9 Kindle Mistakes to Avoid [infographic]My Profile

    • Sarah,
      I live right beside the USA and still have no clue either, but the video opened eyes more then every because it focus specifically to explain the system as it is and no mish mash stuff…

      And yes, I heard the same thing about many people who once were looking forward to be in the USA and now they are looking for ways to get out before things get even worse.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. This is a topic near and dear to my heart Nick, so thank you for sharing. It’s horrible to see how Obamacare is affecting so many people. I don’t think most people had any idea the affect it would have on their health care benefits or ability to even see a Doctor. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse.
    Rebekah Radice recently posted..Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Online CommunityMy Profile

    • Rebekah,
      I am very sorry to read your comment.. it resonate with me a lot since we have many other government programs here that they are not great either.. We can only do our best to make life better.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi Nick,

    I usually don’t comment on political things mixed with business other than I agree with you, our “So Called Government” is a huge joke and we are letting it happen.

    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..Creative Writing and Confidence Equals a Published BookMy Profile

    • Monna,
      interesting what you wrote here.. never heard it before.

      I love what you wrote about what my simple “So Called Government”… you undertood my true meaning.

      Thanks so much.

  7. This is something we are facing through USA. We have made some adjustments for those who have no insurance is what this has helped become insured. We use to be able to go to the emergency rooms without insurance. Now, they will not take care of people unless they have state funded insurance which this act has made open to all no matter their income.

    There is a good side along with this one you shown. I have first hand experience being retired and self-employed at that same time it is expensive for those who have a job. Most of their income is to pay taxes and insurance.

    We can only change this by all being involved to get it done. Those who just talk are not doing anything for change is where the crime is.

    Thank you Nick for caring about us in the USA and how we must come together to make a difference in this situation.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted..Let Another Take Center Stage?My Profile

  8. Hi Nick. I have done everything I could to stop Obamacare, but unfortunately in this country, people are more interested in getting free stuff from the government that in doing what’s best for the country. Politicians are more interested in buying votes that in doing the right thing.

    That’s why I plan to be a millionaire in 5 years so that I don’t have to worry about what the government is doing to us. I may just end up like a lot of people who are renouncing their US citizenship because they don’t want to give over half of the sweat of their brow to the IRS.

    It doesn’t matter how much the government gets in taxes. It will never be enough. I would hope that all these people who are being financially wounded by the government takeover of something that was not broken will all start screaming bloody murder!

    All the best for your success,
    Leslie Denning, The Home Biz CEO
    Leslie Denning recently posted..Banish Email Inbox OverloadMy Profile

    • Leslie,
      happy you read and commented and YOU are prepared for what your Government is going to do with you next.

      When I say “Your Government” I mean my government and every one else government, because the government is elect (most of them) by people and unless the people take time to learn what they need to know, and vote for the person who can govern them.. they will miss by fra.. just as a=we are seen here in the USA.

      Educating our selves is the ONLY best option we have… and the one who does not and hope the Government is there to support them or save them.. will be lost.

      Thanks for your best wishes, and for taking time to read and comment here Leslie.


  9. Hi Nick,

    My friend from Australia who has spent lots of time in the US asked me what’s going on with our health care. I told her I couldn’t answer her.

    Because this is a hot button in the US, I cannot even speak out and let you know my opinion because everything is being watched. I can no longer speak or give an opinion. Now I’m not paranoid, but this is one subject that one can be penalized with. (get the drift?) So much so, that tears come to my eyes because I cannot speak.

    My insurance company went in conjunction with this plan. They just put me on it and I had to go through hoops to stop my insurance. I won’t be counted!

    For me, I choose right now to be as healthy as I can and take care of myself. So David and I have no insurance at all.

    So my friend you see the situation we are in. I sometimes feel like walking around with tape on my mouth to make a statement. But I cannot do that either.

    We have gone through many changes here, but all I can do is say the serenity prayer to get through it all. My heart is very heavy, but I stay focused on my small world and do the best I can.

    donna merrill recently posted..Not All Comments Are EqualMy Profile

    • Hey Donna,
      thanks for sharing “another” side of this situation that I was aware but not in a direct way as you shared here with me.. that is very bad.. and hope you and David will be well ALWAYS.

      The part of being watched is very clear from what is going on every where.. people have been penalized right and left and all is in the name of “INTIMIDATION”… As you said, “stay focused on my small world and do the best I can”, if you are aware of all what is going on and FOR what reason.. that is best and under ground do what you know is best for your and your family. hoping that soon all this will end and NORMAL and SAFE lifestyle can be regained back again.

      I knew this article was going to impact many people, but never imagine to be impacted as it did ..

      Wish you and your family well in every way.


  10. I don’t know how to comment on this, Nick. I’m just watching from the sidelines to see how it works out for our neighbours to the south…
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Even the Smallest DetailsMy Profile

  11. Holly says:

    i dont’ tend to spend a lot of time thinking and watching the whole thing about the health care system in the US or Canada– I have not idea what it all means and really don’t care to…. What bothers me the most is that fact that people don’t take care of themselves… they seem to think that the system will do that.. they depend on the government to do it for them, ( in Canada that is my experience). In the States i hVE not idea i hear it isn’t so good a situation… I wish the best for all concerned and hope they all get the care they need when they need it!! I look after myself I pay for my extras I don’t have an insurance plan for all the extras that the Canadian Govt doesn’t support.. so I do what I can with the more natural things that are available.. Perhaps if I were in a worse saturation I would have a different opinion… but for now.. I still believe we NEED to take the best care of ourselves with what we have… Urgent care is different the regular health care too so that to me is a whole other topic.. You’ve got a great controversial topic here, Nick!!
    Holly recently posted..Does Exercise Ever Get Easier?My Profile

    • Holly,
      love your attitude.. I somehow have a similar one, even so here in Canada we have a little better that the USA…

      For many, many years now I adopted the mindset that taking care of my health is MUCH better than go to someone else to take care .. after all it is my body haha :-)

      I understand what you wrote and I admire you for doing what you do for your self and for others.

      I pray that all will be fine for every one… and yes, this is some kind of controversial topic, but my intention was to share what I come to find and perhaps helps some people who may not have the same info.

      Thanks so much.

  12. Nick,

    I really appreciate your writing about this topic as a Canadian, an outsider looking in. When I first got married, my husband wanted us to move to the Cayman Islands because, as a trader, he saw what was starting to happen a few decades ago. I was not ready at all to leave my beloved country. Our health care system was one of the best in the world when I was a child. I still remember the doctor coming to my house with his little black bag to treat the whole family. He knew all of us well.
    Then when I taught at my college, we had wonderful health insurance. It covered everything at first and then over the years we started to have larger and larger deductibles and copays.
    Now I continue to hear about people, upstanding, hard working substantial people who recently lost their insurance and do not have any insurance coverage at the moment. Not that all medical treatments are good. That too has deteriorated, with patients becoming faceless numbers to their doctors, medicated quickly before really evaluating the lifestyle and other factors.
    I don’t know where this is heading but it does not look good – and most of us don’t know what we can do about it.


    Dr. Erica (I’m not a medical doctor)
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..The 10 Relationship Powers You NeedMy Profile

    • Dr. Erica,
      thanks for the kind word .. I shared the info knowing it may help some people who may not be aware of what is really happening with this issue..

      As a Canadian, well, we had very good for many years and lately I seen some declining just as you sow it in the uSA.. and as you, I am not certain where it will lead.. no one knows because the chain of events that will come up every time someone start anything new.. some time things look good on one side and not good at all on the other..

      I do not remember the doctor coming to the house here in Canada, but I remember in Italy in my small town, the doctor was just one of the many hard working men and women who was doing all the best to help and support everyone who would go to their home/office or the one he or she would go to their homes to check their health conditions..,

      Life has changed, and for sure it will change even more and more faster now.. and as I learned in the past few years, there is only one solution and that is for all of us to make certain we live a noble lifestyle as best as we know how and strive for the best for ourselves, our family and the world around.

      We are all together in this, does not matter if now we talk about USA or Canada.. there is many, many other countries in the world who have worse conditions and when we see that as part of us, our responsibility, only then the world will get better in every ways.


  13. Alan Jenkin says:

    I’m curious to know who benefits from this “Affordable Health Care”. My wife and I have Medicare (premiums deducted from our Social Security, so it’s not free, folks!) She also has a health policy for me from her previous employer, deducted from her pension. This year, her pension increased for the first time in six years, but the net reduced because of the increased health policy charges.

    So if you’re working, you’re worse off. If you’re retired you’re worse off. Who wins?

    Alan Jenkin recently posted..Are You Ready To Snatch The Pebble?My Profile

    • Alan,
      interesting how you listed what is going on in your situation and your wife situation.. I suspect many people do not pay attention as you did and so that is why the government is taking advance to do what they fell like BUT I know if most people would pay attention, they would not accept what is forced on them.

      Hope things get better from now on, and more people get involved to do something about that will be helpful for all,.

      Thanks for sharing your situation that for certain is similar to so many others.

  14. Hi Nick,

    After reading your post , health insurance is a serious problem through out the world. The message I think is it is more important to look after our health as much as possible with exercise food etc. The problems in America are happening else where and you have to feel for the hardship many family have due to health care costs. Many thanks for sharing . Rosemary
    Rosemary O’Shaughnessy recently posted..Trust An Important Study !My Profile

    • Rosemary,
      you are so very correct to observe that the whole world if affected by this issue.. and what you wrote “important to look after our health as much as possible with exercise food etc..” is the only answer just as many, many years a go when there was no so called “Government Health Insurance”.
      If we truly look closely, we have paying the whole thing ourselves since it come into effect..but the finds were used for other issues and now they try to recuperate some and make a mess more that it is already..

      So looking after out health will be always the best choice.


  15. Right now, I am lucky in the health care aspect because I am covered by military health insurance. Our fees are fairly low compared to the civilian sector. Plus, I am a veteran and can receive medical care from the local VA. I do feel bad for the people that are getting the shaft from this fiasco of a healthcare system.
    Melanie Young recently posted..Technical Difficulties..My Profile

    • Melanie,
      yes, you are very lucky, but I am certain you have to work hard to be that lucky, correct?

      Being covered medically is a great feeling… and yes, when we have so much fortune is always may forget the rest of the people who may suffer at the same time.. your heart is loving and that is why you think as you do.

      Thanks so much for your sharing.

  16. I’m always interested in how people from other countries view and judge the US Nick. As someone who is supremely proud of being an American I view our country much like an extended family – you know their strengths and weaknesses; some annoy the hell out of you and a few are outright evil. You love, argue and even fight among yourselves, but it’s your family. Certainly the social and political system here is not perfect, but I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else and to be honest my biggest complaint is neither the politicians or the system but the people who don’t bother to vote, speak up or get involved in their community but just let things happen to them.

    • Marquita,
      nice to see in action on B3 again…

      And so nice to know you are supremely proud to be living in the USA.. these days not many say that, and it is to bad since I know there is many advantages to live in the USA.

      HO, yes, we all know that politically things are not the best, but looking back or looking into other countries.. we should all know these things are not permanent as in the case of many places in the world.

      From what I know, you live in Hawaii… many people everywhere in the world love to visit Hawaii.. well, Hawaii is in the USA and so it is interesting that even so that we admit to have great places, somehow the bad part always come first…

      As you mentioned, once someone get involved in their community and do something about improving what may need to be improved, everyone would benefit..

      Thanks so much for reading the article and your great comment.

  17. Hi Nick, it must be a real challenge for politicians to make changes, especially when a specific issue has been in existence for so long. We’ve been lucky for many years here in Aust. with our health system. If people don’t have private health insurance here – they are looked after in emergency situations. However, in non life threatening situations, they have to wait VERY long periods of time (like a year or 2, to have a cataract removed from the eye).

    I’m not sure what happens in the US with a life threatening situation, but it would be awful to be turned away from care when you need it most!
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..How to create a small sign up form on Aweber AutoresponderMy Profile

    • Julieanne,
      your observation about politicians, for me is correct… correct in the sense that yes, no matter what their intentions are, there is always something else that stop a flow of things and at the end.. all what may start in one direction may end up in a totally different direction that emerged from the mix of what come along.

      Yes, I heard about Australians are lucky to have a program that is favorable in case of life threatening emergencies.. and not as great for teh rest…

      My observation, not only only in Australia, Canada or USA.. it ose worldwide.. we somehow are used to be taken care and so we end up in unpleasant situations as medicare…

      My hope is that all of us become responsible of our own health at all times.. and pray to God to Give Us Guidance to know what all that is all about.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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